Taiwanese American living and working in Japan with a day-time job as a consultant. I write about writing, self-improvement, and life in Japan.

English books…for free!

At the start of 2020, I made the resolution of reading more books.

Like many other people, I read a lot of books during my middle and high school days, then eventually stopped reading altogether by the time I was in college. …

The most relaxing game of 2020.

Everyone dreams of having encounters. With witty banter and playful dialogue, the game Coffee Talk satisfies any indie game lovers’ want of wanting to play a relaxing game.

After coming out in January 2020, the original premise of the game is that you are a barista who owns a cafe…

Where childhood memories and the real world collide.

I woke up early, not knowing what to expect at the Ghibli Museum. Born and raised in the Washington D.C metropolitan area, I thought I knew what the best museums had to offer (we have a LOT of free museums in D.C.).

I should’ve known, however, the Ghibli Museum was…

Tori Chow

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